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   No high pressure... nothing to fear... fair enough?

Fireproof file cabinets are designed to protect your paper documents and business records. Letter and Legal widths are available, as well as the wide (Lateral) fireproof files. Each SentrySafe (Formerly Schwab) fireproof file is American-Made and U.L. Listed. The 4-drawer Legal (vertical) fireproof file is the most popular, and this is available in 25" outside depth and 31" outside depth. Sentry fireproof files feature key-plunger locks (standard) but dial combinations and electronic push-button locks are optionally available on many models. Black, putty and light gray are some of the color choices but other colors are available, too. Each Sentry fire proof filing cabinet offers the latest space-saving design, and modern appearance with flush drawer-handles. Sentry fire files feature the industry's best warrantee, including a lifetime parts warrantee as well as 2 full years parts AND labor warrantee. SentrySafe fire proof filing cabinets are widely used by Government as well as Fortune 500 Companies, banks, schools and universities. Major Pharmaceutical Companies also protect their research and patent documents in Sentry (formerly Schwab) files. Fireproof files are delivered free of charge to 48 States, and may be shipped to major shipping ports like Newark and Miami for delivery in foreign countries. Dollar for dollar, Sentry fire proof files are today's best insurance for your critical paper documents. "Fight Fire with Fireproof Files!" The best time to buy a fireproof file ... is before you actually need a fire proof file.